Beneficial Pensacola Chiropractic Care for Relief of Pain

How many doctors have you sought for your present pain condition whether it is back, neck, leg or arm pain? Many Pensacola chiropractic patients who come to Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center initially will report that they have consulted with many other healthcare practitioners with some relief or no relief. Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center sees many frustrated, in-pain people…and helps many of them, too.


Patients with chronic pain get help from shared medical consultations centered on a multidisciplinary, nonpharmacological treatment approach. The contributing integrative and lifestyle medical professionals common education about non-pharmacological approaches, the causes of pain, and how pain influences lifestyle choices. Recommended care methods included chiropractic, yoga, medication, breathing, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, massage, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Patients had less pain and better measures of physical, mental, and social health without more use of opioids. (1) These kinds of outcomes make such integration of care options in Pensacola healthcare quite inviting! Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center is ready!


Many healthcare systems today now support patients’ wanting to use complementary and integrative health options – self-care - for pain management as well as their recommendations – practitioner-delivered care. (2) Specifically, Centers for Complementary Medicine (CCM) are integrated healthcare delivery systems. Over a third of patients referred themselves for care at CCMs. The top condition that CCM patients described was spine and truncal pain (70.5%). Chiropractic was the most common form of care. (3) Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center welcomes patients who want care they know will help. Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center knows the value of integrating tools into the daily schedules of Pensacola back pain patients that will assist them in controlling the pain instead of letting the pain control them and their lives.


To most positively help patients wanting relief of their back pain, integrated healthcare delivery systems persist in embracing chiropractic care for the benefit of and to meet the call for such care by their back and neck pain patients. Why? Back and neck pain top the list of causes of disability around the world. Chiropractors are trained and deliver non-drug treatment that meets published clinical guidelines of care. Researchers note that enhancing collaboration between chiropractic and medical physicians or integrating chiropractors into medical settings like hospitals or community health centers will improve access to evidence-based care for musculoskeletal pain conditions. (4) Evidence-based care exercises the best evidence from research to make clinical treatment decisions that result in patient satisfaction. That’s what Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center and its implementation of the chiropractic treatment system, the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management, delivers: evidence-based care.

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Listen to this PODCAST by Dr. Lee Hazen on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson describing his integrative medical practice and its benefits for his patients as he is able to naturally combine the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

Make a non-surgical Pensacola chiropractic care appointment with Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center. Despite the number of healthcare providers you have seen for your current pain condition, your Pensacola chiropractor at Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center is prepared to contribute to your overall healthcare plan for pain relief.

Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center offers chiropractic care as an addition to your current healthcare plan for back and neck pain relief. 
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