Nutrition Articles

Stressed over the Pensacola Holidays? Eat Walnuts!

Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center hears the holiday stress in most of our patient’s stories. A new study shows that walnuts can help the gut which in turn help manage stress and help cognition and other issues.

Pensacola Chiropractic Tip: Enjoy Pumpkins!

Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center presents the nutritional value (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and more) of the pumpkin that is overshadowed by its decorative value!

Pensacola Osteoarthritis, Omega 3 PUFAs, and Pain

Pensacola Spinal Rehab Center combines chiropractic treatment with nutrition – like adding omega-3 PUFA - when managing pain associated with inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis. 

Chiropractic Cheers for Healthy Melons

Pensacola chiropractic healthcare includes spinal manipulation, nutrition and exercise and shares how tasty melons can add to health and healing.